Company Announcements

2017 Announcements

16/11/17: Prices U.S. Dollar denominated Bond tap
16/11/17: Aircraft options portfolio
14/11/17: Appointment of aircraft marketing executive
08/11/17: Outcome of proposed Notes Issue
07/11/17: AVAP launches U.S. Dollar denominated bond offering
31/10/17: Aircraft Transition
20/10/17: Increase to US$1,000,000,000 GMTN
11/10/17: Airbus A330-300 acquisition
11/10/17: Boeing aircraft acquisition
25/09/17: Publication of Final Results
14/09/17: Operational Update
07/09/17: Preliminary Unaudited Financial Results for 2017
01/09/17: Results and Investor update call
27/07/17: Interim Dividend exchange rate
20/07/17: Admission of new Ordinary Shares and Total Voting Rights
19/07/17: Aircraft Placement
17/07/17: Issue of equity on exercise of warrants
14/07/17: Confirmation of aircraft delivery
30/06/17: Interim Dividend and Management Statement
30/06/17: Turboprop Portfolio transaction
01/06/17: Aircraft purchase and Bond issuance
24/04/17: Turboprop Portfolio Transaction
31/03/17: Holding(s) in Company
30/03/17: Admission of new Ordinary Shares and Total Voting Rights
24/03/17: Issue Of Equity On Warrant Ex, Director Dealing
24/03/17: Treasury, Admission Of Shares, Total Voting Rights
20/03/17: Directors Dealing
16/03/17: Turbo-Prop Portfolio
07/03/17: Egan-Jones Credit rating
01/03/17: Japan Credit rating
16/02/17: Half-year Report to Dec 2016
08/02/17: Schedule for Half-year Report and Conference Call
06/02/17: Holding(s) in Company
18/01/17: Junior finance for three aircraft

2016 Announcements

23/12/16: Airbus A321 aircraft delivered to VietJet
22/12/16: Ratings Outlook
22/12/16: Sale of five Fokker 100 aircraft
20/12/16: Board committees
29/11/16: Airbus A321 aircraft delivered to Vietjet
16/11/16: Appointment of Director and Result of AGM
15/11/16: AGM Statement
11/11/16: Adviser for Turboprop Portfolio
01/11/16: Sale of A321 on delivery
26/10/16: Turbo Prop Portfolio
20/10/16: Aircraft Fleet Metrics
18/10/16: Notice of Annual General Meeting
12/10/16: Admission of New Ordinary Shares
06/10/16: Issue of Equity
30/09/16: Final Results Publication
29/09/16: Issue of Equity
13/09/16: Sale of two aircraft
09/09/16: RBC Aircraft Leasing Investor Day
08/09/16: Preliminary Financial Results
06/09/16: Investor conference call
02/09/16: Trading Update
02/09/16: Aircraft Transaction
22/08/16: Purchase of Aircraft
29/07/16: Acquisition of Commercial Aircraft
27/07/16: Statement re Credit Ratings
30/06/16: Results timetable and trading update
24/06/16: GBP Exposure
22/06/16: Treasury Bonds and Aircraft Sale
10/06/16: Director's Dealing
31/05/16: Extension to Air France lease
31/05/16: New Airbus A321 aircraft to Vietjet
20/05/16: Admission of Shares and Total Voting Rights
13/05/16: Director/PDMR Shareholding
10/05/16: Holding(s) in Company
10/05/16: Transaction in Own Shares
09/05/16: Notification of Major Interest
03/05/16: Operational Update
27/04/16: Acquisition of Commercial Aircraft
08/04/16: Market Update
31/03/16: Delivery of new Airbus A321
21/03/16: Fourth Flybe ATR 72 Aircraft Delivered
11/03/16: Treasury and Directors Dealing
26/02/16: Delivery of new Airbus A321
19/02/16: Financial Results for the six months ended 31 December 2015
16/02/16: Acquisition of Commercial Aircraft
01/02/16: Acquisition of Airbus on Lease to Air Berlin
29/01/16: Schedule for first half Results & Investor call
26/01/16: Change of Adviser
25/01/16: Global head of aircraft trading appointment
06/01/16: Holding(s) in Company
04/01/16: Treasury and Director's Dealing

2015 Announcements

28/12/15: Third Flybe aircraft delivered
15/12/15: Director's Dealing
14/12/15: Vietjet aircraft and routes
10/12/15: Mandate for new Airbus A321 aircraft in 2016
03/12/15: Director's Dealing and credit rating
24/11/15: Delisting of Subsidiary
18/11/15: Directors' Dealing
16/11/15: AGM Results
16/11/15: AGM Statement and Trading Update
12/11/15: Holding in Capital Lease Aviation
10/11/15: Director's interest in voting rights
09/11/15: TR-1: Notification of Major Interest in Shares
06/11/15: Acquisition of Boeing 737
05/11/15: Treasury Dealing and Total Voting Rights
21/10/15: Notifications of Major Interest in Shares
21/10/15: Treasury Dealing and Voting Rights
16/10/15: Notice of AGM
16/10/15: Proposed cancellation of CLA AIM Admission and Notice of CLA AGM
12/10/15: Second Flybe aircraft delivery
28/09/15: Director's dealing
21/09/15: Completion of purchase A320 on lease to Air France
17/09/15: First Flybe aircraft delivery
09/09/15: Response to Analyst Question
07/09/15: Unaudited Preliminary Financial Results
21/08/15: Financial Year End 2015 investor update call
14/08/15: Avation completes sale of ATR 72
07/08/15: Avation to purchase A320 on lease to Air France
29/06/15: Lease of Aircraft to Flybe & 2015 Aircraft Placed
17/05/15: Corporate Credit Rating
02/06/15: Director/PDMR Dealing
28/05/15: Notes Listing, Results Schedule & Director Dealing
21/05/15: Corporate Credit Rating
20/05/15: Pricing of 7.5% Guaranteed Notes 2020
20/05/15: Establishment Of Us$500,000,000 Note Programme
29/04/15: Corporate Credit Rating
27/04/15: Considers Establishing Global Medium Term Note
21/04/15: Participation in Master Investor 2015 & Mello Investor Workshop
18/04/15: Completion of conditional sale of aircraft
24/03/15: Change of Address
05/03/15: Notification Of Major Interest In Shares
03/03/15: USD24m PDP financing facility
27/02/15: Second ATR72-600 Delivery to Air India Regional
23/02/15: New Client for Four New Aircraft
19/02/15: Financial Results and Interim Management Report
13/02/15: Conditional sale of two ATR72 aircraft
30/01/15: Holding(s) in Company
29/01/15: Broker Change

2014 Announcements


24/12/14: First ATR aircraft delivery to Air India
11/12/14: US$31m refinance and lower cost of debt
08/12/14: Director's Dealing
01/12/14: Holding(s) in Company
28/11/14: Admission of New Ordinary Shares and Voting Rights
25/11/14: Result of AGM
20/11/14: Share Exchange and Issue of New Shares
14/11/14: New Aircraft Leased to New Customer
30/10/14: Notice of AGM
30/10/14: Publication of Annual Report
24/10/14: Twentieth New ATR72 Delivery
20/10/14: Two New Aircraft Sale & Leaseback with Thomas Cook
20/10/14: Change in group depreciation policy
17/10/14: Publication of Final Audited Results
13/10/14: Holding(s) in Company
06/10/14: Admission of New Ordinary Shares
30/09/14: Correction - Acquisition of shares
26/09/14: Acquisition of shares in Capital Lease Aviation
24/09/14: Acquisition of shares in CLA and Issue of Equity
22/09/14: Purchase of Minority Holding in CLA
19/09/14: New Aircraft Delivery in Europe
08/09/14: New Geography and New Customer for Aircraft
04/09/14: Unaudited Preliminary Financial Results
29/08/14: Date for Release of Results
26/08/14: Delivery of 17th ATR 72 Aircraft
21/07/14: Holding(s) in Company
15/07/14: TR-1: Notification of Major Interest in Shares
09/07/14: Admission of New Ordinary Shares
07/07/14: Notifications of Major Interests in Shares
03/07/14: Issue of Shares & Date for Release of Results
26/06/14: Director's Dealings
25/06/14: Admission of New Ordinary Shares
19/06/14: Acquisition of Shares and Issue of Equity
11/06/14: Interim Management Statement & Trading Update
02/06/14: Finance Facility & Delivery of Fiji Link Aircraft
12/05/14: Corporate Tax Incentive
24/04/14: Appointment of Non-Executive Director
10/04/14: Lowers cost on US$33 million senior debt
02/04/14: New Airline Customer - Uni Air
14/03/14: Completion of Sale of New Aircraft
13/03/14: Admission of New Shares and Total Voting Rights
10/03/14: Admission of New Shares and Total Voting Rights
06/03/14: Issue of Equity on exercise of Warrants
05/03/14: Holding(s) in Company
03/03/14: Issue of Equity on exercise of Warrants by Directors
25/02/14: Financial Results and Interim Management Report
24/02/14: Lowers cost on US$33 million senior debt
21/02/14: Joint Broker Appointed
17/02/14: CORRECTION FROM SOURCE: Obtains senior secured revolving warehouse facility
24/01/14: Three Year Extension of Aircraft Leases
13/01/14: Stand by Finance Facility

2013 Announcements


13/12/13: Completion of Sale of Aircraft
10/12/13: Acquistion of One Airbus A320-200
05/12/13: 05/12/13 Further Fleet Expansion
05/12/13: 05/12/13 Directorate Change
20/11/13: Director's Dealing
20/11/13: Trading Update and Sale of Two New Aircraft
07/11/13: Final Dividend Payment Date - Update
04/11/13: Result of AGM and Dividend Details
24/10/13: Fiji Airways Aircraft Lease Signed
11/10/13: Notice of 8th Annual General Meeting
25/09/13: Share Buyback
24/09/13: Avation PLC Annual Report 2013 (4.4MB)
20/09/13: Share Buyback
16/09/13: Delivery of 13th ATR 72 aircraft
10/09/13: Holding(s) in Company
28/08/13: TR-1: Notification of Major Interest in Shares
28/08/13: Director's Dealing
27/08/13: Unaudited Prelimary Financial Results For Year Ended 30 June 2013
26/07/13: New Airline Customer
23/07/13: Trading Update
14/06/13: Director's Dealing
10/06/13: Director's Dealing
05/06/13: Director's Dealing
04/06/13: Acquisition of ATR72 and Airbus A321 Aircraft
31/05/13: Open Offer - Director's Dealings
30/05/13: Reporting Currency and 2013 Results Date
24/05/13: Open Offer - Admission of New Ordinary Shares
23/05/13: Underwritten Open Offer - 160% Oversubscribed
16/05/13: Underwritten Open Offer - Timetable
07/05/13: Underwritten Open Offer
19/04/13: Acquisition of Airbus A320-200 Aircraft
05/04/13: Appointment of Consultancy
27/03/13: Appointment of Joint Brokers
19/03/13: Admission of New Ordinary Shares and Total Voting Rights
12/03/13: Issue of Equity on exercise of Warrants by Director
08/03/13: Admission of New Ordinary Shares and Total Voting Rights
04/03/13: $16.3m Finance Secured and Delivery of Eleventh ATR 72 Aircraft
21/02/13: Issue of Equity on exercise of Warrants
11/02/13: Half Yearly Report
25/01/13: Purchase of Airbus A320-200 Aircraft
22/01/13: Notice of Results
10/01/13: Share Buyback

2012 Announcements


2011 Announcements


16/12/11: Admission of New Ordinary Shares
14/12/11: Admission of New Ordinary Shares
13/12/11: Correction: Results of AGM, Dividend Dates, and Director Appointment
13/12/11: Issue of Equity on exercise of Warrants by Directors
12/12/11: Results of AGM, Dividend Dates and Director Appointment
12/12/11: Skywest to introduce 5 additional ATR 27-600s into Australia
09/12/11: CORRECTION: Holding in Company
09/12/11: Holding in Company
09/12/11: Short Selling Disclosure
09/12/11: Placing of Equity
08/12/11: Notification of Major Interest in Shares
06/12/11: Aircraft Fleet to Expand
30/11/11: Fourth Delivery Of Aircraft To Virgin Australia
17/11/11: Posting of Annual Report and Accounts
16/11/11: Notice of Annual General Meeting
31/10/11: Annual Financial Report
13/10/11: Delivery of Third Virgin Australia Aircraft
28/09/11: Notification of Major Interest in Shares
18/08/11: Delivery of an additional Aircraft to Virgin Australia
12/08/11: Delivery of First Virgin Australia Aircraft and $152 Financing
16/06/11: Avation PLC lead investor in lease of jet aircraft to Skywest
12/05/11: Interim Management Statement
11/04/11: Director's Dealings in Shares and Total Voting Rights
01/04/11: Notification of Major Interest in Shares
30/03/11: Director's Dealing
30/03/11: Notification of Major Interest in Shares
30/03/11: Notification of Major Interest in Shares
30/03/11: Admission of New Ordinary Shares
30/03/11: Location of Prospectus
25/03/11: Publication of Prospectus
18/03/11: Result of General Meeting and Placing
09/03/11: Placing of New Ordinary Shares
25/02/11: Notice of General Meeting
03/02/11: Half Year Report
31/01/11: Appointment of Merrill Lynch International (Australia) Ltd
10/01/11: Re Agreement with Skywest and Virgin Blue Airlines

2010 Announcements


2009 Announcements


2008 Announcements


2007 Announcements


18/12/07: Director’s dealings
14/12/07: CLA’s admission to AIM and 1st day of dealing
04/12/07: Result of AGM
29/11/07: Holding in Company
29/11/07: Changes to board composition
29/11/07: Seeks AIM admission of CLA subsidiary
12/11/07: Holding in Company
09/11/07: Notice of 2nd AGM
18/10/07: Director’s dealings
16/10/07: Final results
01/10/07: Acquisition of sixth Aircraft
28/09/07: Purchase and Lease of 5th Aircraft
26/09/07: Subsidiary secures $7.5m finance facility
20/08/07: Exercise of warrants, substantial shareholding
08/08/07: (Amendment) Acquisition of fourth aircraft
08/08/07: (Amendment) Acquisition of fourth aircraft
31/07/07: Acquisition of fourth Aircraft
27/07/07: Notification of interest
27/07/07: Purchase of shares by Director
23/07/07: Purchase of two aircraft
19/07/07: Exercise of warrants
09/07/07: Issue of equity by subsidiary
05/07/07: Appointment of Finance Director, Company Secretary
27/06/07: Issue / allotment of shares
18/06/07: Appointment of Stockbroker
15/06/07: Issue of equity
07/06/07: Incorporation of a new subsidiary
06/06/07: Issue / allotment of shares
18/05/07: Purchase of fourth jet aircraft
16/05/07: Notification of interest
11/04/07: Completion of purchase of jet aircraft
10/04/07: Notification of interest
29/03/07: Notification of holdings (amendment)
28/03/07: Notification of interests
27/03/07: Company purchase of shares for cancellation
23/03/07: Notification of interests
22/03/07: Notification of interests
20/03/07: Notification of interests
16/03/07: Notification of interests
15/03/07: Purchase of third Aircraft
13/03/07: Consolidated unaudited results to 31 Dec 2006
08/03/07: Securing of US$4.1 m finance facility
21/02/07: Registration of third market maker
05/02/07: Holding in company
24/01/07: Purchase of 75,000 shares by Mr Jeff Chatfield
18/01/07: Purchase of 250,000 shares by Mr Jeff Chatfield
12/01/07: Completion of purchase of two aircraft
22/12/07: Securing of USD $9.22m debt finance facility

2006 Announcements


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